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Refuse Collection fees
Charges & Fees for Refuse Collection
(q)   Charges for collection of solid waste.  The charges referenced in section 78-556 are as follows: 
  (1)   Residential dwellings, commercial, office or other establishments, not serviced by a city container.  The charge for once-a-week collection of solid waste for each location shall be the sum of the solid waste and recyclables fee and the landfill disposal fee. That total shall be billed and payable monthly. Any commercial, office or other establishment that weekly requires more than once-a-week collection shall pay the solid waste and recyclables fee plus the landfill disposal fee, multiplied by the number of collections per week. 

Effective date of rates    Solid Waste & Recyclables    Landfill disposal   
January 17, 2005  $7.61 $3.75
July 17, 2005   



January 17, 2006    9.11 3.90
July 17, 2006    9.82 3.98
January 17, 2007   



July 17, 2007   



  (2)   Two-cubic-yard and larger container rates.  The charge for one or more containers used by a single customer shall be based on a schedule of fees as established by Resolution No. 0105, adopted January 3, 2005. 
  (3)    Use of a four-cubic-yard trailer.   The charge for the use of a four-cubic-yard solid waste collection trailer for the collection and disposal of building demolition materials and/or construction waste or the collection and disposal of yard waste, appliances and/or similar items from residential premises shall be based on the schedule of rental fee of $50.00 for 24 hours or per dump in a day from time trailer is set unless on weekend/holiday (Friday morning to Monday morning as follows:
  Light building demolition materials, construction waste, yard waste and similar items:
Items Accepted: includes but not limited to lumber, pipe, tree branches, shrubbery trimmings when all these items are cut in four-foot lengths and no limb over four inches in diameter, glass, tile, floor coverings, old shingles, grass clippings, leaves, and metal
household waste items such as discarded stoves, refrigerators, washers or other appliances, or other similar solid waste.
Items Prohibited: include vehicle tires, oil, fuel, chemicals, batteries, paint, concrete, bricks, utility poles, railroad ties, appliances (stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, air-conditions, or other bulky items).
  (1) Additional charge for Prohibited Items.  Prohibited items that are found in the dumpster trailer when picked up from renter will receive one phone call to remove items first or if not removed renter will be accessed an additional $50.00 charge added to the customer's city utility bill.

Effective date of rates    Residential
Light Demolition Materials,
Yard Waste, and Similar Items   
  Light Demolition Materials,
Yard Waste, and Similar Items
August 1, 2018 $50.00 $100.00
  (2)   Collection outside city limits.  The charges for collection of solid waste from property outside the corporate limits of the city shall be 125 percent of the charges for collection within the city limits.   
(Bill No. 1859, July 2, 2018)