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Bicycle Patrol
About the Program
In an effort to better serve the community, the Winfield Police Department implemented a Bicycle Patrol Program. It is believed that the Bicycle Officer is more accessible and approachable to the public. Bicycle Officers enjoy a greater freedom to talk to people and answer questions rather than sitting in what can be perceived as an intimidating car. Also, the Bicycle Officer can respond quickly and quietly to emergencies and can foil crimes in progress with a silent approach.

All Bicycle Officers are required to attend a police bicycle handler's course and show proficiency on the bicycle. The bicycles are mounted on racks to the rear of patrol vehicles. Utilizing the traditional patrol vehicle to move the bike from place to place allows greater mobility and quicker response to the various areas of the city. Officers can quickly respond to an area using their vehicle or, when close by, their bike.

The primary function of the Bike Officer is Public Relations and Crime Prevention. Bicycle Officers attend citywide special events such as parades, holiday events, etc. The Bike Officer provides specialized patrol in areas of the city experiencing elevations in crimes such as thefts, vandalism and burglaries. Bike Officers will actively patrol these areas in an effort to eliminate the problems. Bicycle Officers are extensively involved in public relations, conducting patrols in the city's neighborhoods and communicating with the citizens.

The City of Winfield Police Department is extremely proud of this highly trained group of officers and their ability to provide our residents and visitors to our community with the level of expertise and dedication that the members of the Bicycle Unit have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate in the future.