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Community Development
Building & Developing in Winfield

The Community Development Department's mission is to ensure a quality built environment in the best place to build and develop in Southcentral Kansas.

We feel strongly that we are partners with those people who choose to live, work and do business in our City as we all pursue our dreams. Being the best place to build and develop means:

  • Planning neighborhoods, business parks and retail locations that respect the environment, support the community's vision, and will maintain their value over time.
  • Providing the quality of life for both residents and businesses that make people choose Winfield over other areas.
  • Ensuring the consistent quality of building construction to provide both safety to occupants and long-term value to property owners.
  • Maintaining these community standards for the common benefit of all.
  • Providing caring, professional service to property owners and the development community in the spirit of partnership to attain these goals.

image of blueprints

Please do not hesitate to contact Community Development Staff with questions or concerns.