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Mayor's Youth Commission
Purpose of the Commission
The purpose of the Mayor's Youth Commission is to foster leadership training for youth, to assure youth input into civic affairs, and to meet the needs of goals laid out by the citizens of Winfield in the 2005 and 2010 county-wide surveys, Vision 20/20. 

Application and Membership Requirements

The Mayor's Youth Commission will consist of juniors and seniors enrolled through USD 465 or an equivalent aged student who is homeschooled within a five mile radius of the Winfield City Limits. A student who is a sophomore and enrolled to take the Winfield High School Leadership Course as a junior may apply. These students will complete an application process and must have completed or be enrolled in the leadership course at Winfield High School in order to be considered for appointment by the Mayor to a one year term. Members will not receive monetary compensation. However, participation in the Mayor’s Youth Commission may be counted toward the completion of the proposed Winfield High School Leadership Certificate.

Meetings and Length of Term
A term on the MYC shall be held for one (1) year and a member may serve no more than two (2) total years. Each member will complete an oath of loyalty and dedication at the regular re-organization meeting of the City Commission on the 3rd Tuesday of April.

Curriculum work-sessions (2hrs) will be held once per month with the mayor and will be centered around one part of the curriculum. Each part of the curriculum will be supplemented with a guest speaker from that field. An introductory meeting will be held the first week of May and curriculum work sessions will recess over the summer break. Curriculum work sessions resume in August, September, October, November, January, February, and March.
Note: no meeting will be held in December.

In addition to the curriculum work-sessions, each member of the Mayor's Youth Commission must participate in the service project and attend a total combination of ten (10) Winfield City Commission meetings, equivalent City board meetings, or work sessions within their one year term.  It is desired that members make every attmept to be present at all curriculum work-sessions. 

Service Project
Each Year the Mayor’s Youth Commission will be responsible for designing and implementing a service project that impacts the community—the size and scope of this volunteerism service project will be the choice of the MYC.

2011 class of MYC
2011 MYC class members were sworn in during the April 18th regular City Commission Meeting.  Members are Jace Mills, Carlee Wollard, Catherine Mendoza, Megan Lance, Bennett Long, Madison Hovey, and Race Creeden.