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Non-Profit Coalition

Non-Profits Mean Business

The Chamber has expanded its services to community service organizations with the creation of the Non-Profit Coalition. Pam Moore, Legacy Community Foundation, is the chairperson. The group works to build capacity in non-profit organizations and to raise their profile in the business community.

Because of these Non-Profit Organizations:

*Children have a voice in court
* Your kids have mentor and role models
* Our kids have choices in education
* Everyone has access to books, film and computers
* Cultural events are available to everyone
* A variety of classes are available to all, including stained glass and pumpkin painting!
* Developmentally Disabled people have a comfortable home and are a part of the community
* Downtown has pocket parks and summer flowers
* Art is on display EVERYWHERE!
* Seniors have wonderful living options
* Local endowments enhance quality of life
* Economic development is encouraged through local funds
* Compassionate end-of-life care is readily available

Impact By The Numbers

Annual salaries, supplies, rent spent in town: $12,014,580

Grants received from outside the county: $1,059,093

Value of services performed: $226,761,763


For a full list of Organizations involved in the Non-Profit Committee please contact the Winfield Chamber of Commerce at 620-221-2420.