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Historic Homes and Caton Homes of Winfield
Winfield boasts many beautiful homes throughout town.  With historic homes, Victorian homes, and homes built by architect Bill Caton, the driving tour of these structures is sure to delight all!

Historic Homes
The Victorian and historic homes of Winfield were built from 1870 to the early 1900's and were influenced by the fashionable features of the era.  An era when hospitality was an art and elegance a way of life.  Through Winfield's tree-lined streets, fine examples of Victorian styles are revealed.  Enjoy discovering turrets, towers and cupolas, turned spindles, curved verandes and delicate millwork.

Caton Homes
Bill Caton was the son of a prominent Winfield family and practiced architecture in the community for over forty years.  His projects, the earliest in 1924, are to be found on almost every street of Winfield, and in numerous states from coast to coast.  Over eight hundred projects, large and small, were completed with private residences his personal favorite.  Bill lived on or adjacent to Tenth Avenue his entire life.  A drive east on this tree-lined street is a great place to start a driving tour of his residential work.

View the Caton Homes Driving Tour Brochure Here

For a brochure on the Historic Homes or Caton Homes of Winfield, contact the Winfield Convention and Tourism office - 620-221-2421.

Visit the Photo Gallery for a few pictures of Winfield's Historic and Caton homes.
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