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Memorial Tree Purchase Program

image.tree memorial_thumbThe Memorial Tree Program allows individuals to purchase a tree in memory of a loved one.  For $150, a tree will be placed in the cemetery of choice along with a marker.  The memorial marker will be set near the tree to indicate for whom the tree was planted. Cemetery personnel will determine the placement and the type of tree to be planted.  Once planted, cemetery crews will be responsible for the general care and upkeep of the tree.  The City will not be responsible for any tree that dies due to insect damage, disease, harsh weather conditions, or any natural causes.  Cemetery personnel will immediately dispose of any dead trees.

Memorial Tree applications are available to individuals through local funeral homes, City Hall, Park Department, Highland
 Maintenance Building, or click here for online form.  Once the application and fee are returned to City Clerk, the tree will be planted in a timely manner.  The memorial marker will be placed next to the tree.  Tree planting times will coincide with weather and seasonal conditions.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Cemetery Caretaker, (620)-221-5666, or click here to email.