Parks & Public Land

Welcome to the Parks & Public Land Page!
The Parks and Public Land Department operates the public parks and recreation facilities, and public facilities providing family-oriented recreation and leisure opportunities and contributing to a high quality of life for the citizens of Winfield.

Why Parks?
Parks matter. They improve our quality of life and enhance community livability, making them an important factor in attracting new business and contributing to economic growth. They serve people of all ages, all abilities, and all ethnic and economic backgrounds, strengthening our sense of community. They protect open space that preserves wildlife habitat, improves air and water quality, and helps mitigate flooding.

Winfield's existing park system is extraordinary in many ways, but will need to adapt over time to meet evolving expectations for park services. For that task, a park system master plan is an indispensable tool. A master plan consolidates information on resources, constraints, and opportunities. It provides an outline of where the park system is, where it is going, and how it will get there. Having a park system master plan on hand also enhances funding opportunities, since many grant providers require a master plan as a prerequisite in any proposal.

This Winfield Master Plan for Parks, Trails & Recreation provides an overview of existing park and recreational resources in the Winfield area. It lists community goals for the park system, determined through recommendations from the Steering Committee, the Park Board, and City staff, public meetings, and a Community Questionnaire and Student Survey. It provides background information on park and recreation concepts and options for new facilities, and proposes development ideas for each park. It defines implementation strategies for the City to develop a balanced park system that cost–effectively achieves the community's highest priority goals over the next twenty years.