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Fairgrounds Facilities

Facilities at Fairgrounds

The Winfield Fairgrounds offers:

  • 5.5 acres of primitive camp areas with limited electricity
  • 6.5 acres of campsites with 600 20-amp electrical services plus a 100 30-amp hookups
  • 150 50-amp services on hard surface
  • Limited water hookups (seasonal)
  • Year-round dump station (located near the horse barn)
  • A variety of open-sided and enclosed buildings are available for rent. Rental requests should be made in advance to the City Operation Center, 620-221-5600
  • Accessible campsites

The Pecan Grove provides 44 acres of primitive camping and limited electrical services.

Tunnel Mill Park provides 11.3 acres of primitive camping.

Shelters & Buildings

The facilities (click here for aerial photo) may be used by any individual, family, not-for-profit or profit organization that agrees to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations.

Fairground facilities are available by reservation on a first come/first served basis through the City Operation Center, 2701 E.9th, (620) 221-5600 or email: Park Reservations. Payment of applicable fees confirms the reservation and no reservations shall be held until payment is made.  Requests should be made at least one month prior to the date of the activity. Building keys will be picked up and returned to the Operation Center, as well.  Regular hours are Mon-Thur 7:00 am-4:30 pm and Fri 7:00 am-Noon.

Fees for building rental can be found in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.


Bldg 1/North End Grandstand
-Enclosed heated building
-Heated restrooms

10,132 sf
 68' x 149'



Bldg 2/South End Grandstand
-Enclosed unheated building
-Unheated restrooms

7,755 sf
55' x 141'



Bldg 4/North Exhibit Barn
-Enclosed unheated building
-Heated restrooms

10,800 sf
72' x 150'



Bldg 5/Wash Rack
-Open-sided building

1,995 sf
21' x 95'



Bldg 6/4-H Arena
-Open-sided building

9,504 sf
72' x 132'



Bldg 7/Hog Shelter
-Open-sided building

2,952 sf
41' x 72'



Bldg 8/South Exhibit Barn
-Enclosed unheated building
-Dual 17' x awnings

6,300 sf
35' x 180'



Bldg 9/Wash Rack
-Open-sided building

1,125 sf
25' x 45'


Bldg 10/Pole Barn
-Open-sided building

7,182 sf
54' x 133'


North Grandstand Restrooms


South Grandstand Restrooms 


Rodeo Arena


Rodeo Arena w/Lights


Grandstand seats 5,700        

by agreement

Picnic Table Onsite
Picnic Table Offsite (1 load = 9 tables)
Platform Risers (9 ft, 12 ft, 18 ft)
Serving Tables (10 available)
Folding Chairs (50 available)
Park Benches Onsite
Park Benches Offsite (1 load = 24)
Bleachers (3 available)

$50 per dumpster
$  2 per table ($10 min.)
$70 per load
$35 per riser
$50 per load
$  2 per bench ($10 min.)
$70 per load
$70 per bleacher

Nonprofit, not-for-profit, or charitable organizations with proof of status on file with the City of Winfield will pay 50% of the listed fee for the facility only   

Alcoholic Liquor and Cereal Malt Beverage (CMB) at Winfield Fairgrounds;

  • Possession and consumption of CMB is allowed in the Winfield Fairgrounds except for on the midway, in midway buildings, grandstands, racetrack areas or at the West Power Plant and its contiguous property.
  • Possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor and CMB is allowed in the Winfield Fairgrounds on the midway, in midway buildings, grandstands, or racetrack areas with an approved Special Event Agreement or other agreement from the City of Winfield.
  • Sales of alcoholic liquor is allowed in the Winfield Fairgrounds on the midway, in midway buildings, grandstands, or racetrack areas with written authorization by Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and the City of Winfield through a state and local catered licensed event, or a state and local temporary license or permit. No alcoholic liquor is allowed in the area located at the West Power Plant and its contiguous property.

Johnson-Bradbury Stable

Broke Spoke Clydesdales operates the Johnson-Bradbury Stable located on grounds at the Winfield Fairgrounds.  Individuals interested in stall rental or other equine services can contact Mark Decoudres, 620.229.4066.

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