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Building Code Enforcement

The City's Building Official enforces all provisions of the building code safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Winfield by ensuring that construction is completed in accordance with minimum building and safety standards. He receives applications required by the building code, issues permits, makes necessary inspections to see that the provisions of law are complied with, and furnishes the prescribed certificates.

Inspection Requests

The City Building Official's office is located at the Operations Center, 2701 E. 9th.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Inspection requests are coordinated by contacting 620-221-5600 at minimum 24 hours in advance of requested date of inspection.  Upon completion of work, the permit holder will make a request for final inspection prior to occupancy of the building or use of the structure.  The following information must be provided when calling for an inspection:

  • Permit number
  • Name and address of project
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Type of inspection requested
A representative of the company requesting the inspection must be present at the time of the inspection.

Failure to obtain Inspections

Failure to schedule necessary inspections are a violation of the provisions of the code.  Upon discovery of work completed without inspection, a stop work order will be issued and a $100 investigation fee will be assessed to the permit holder. Upon investigation, any work covered as to prevent inspection may be required to be exposed in order to allow for inspection.  No additional work will be continued until such time as the Building Official is satisfied that the work up to that point has been done in compliance with the requirements of the building code.

Unlawful continuance

Any person who continues any work after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, could be subject to penalties of law.