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Street Snow Removal

Snow Removal - 09-12-28_thumbResponsibilities

During a typical winter snow event Street Maintenance crews are spreading anti-icing material on main streets prior to precipitation.  Street clearing will begin as soon as accumulation requires. The City’s priority during a snow event is clearing Winfield's two main streets: 9th Ave./US160 and Main ST/US77. They remain on these routes as long as necessary.

Secondary priority for snow removal are those streets determined as a collector.  The collector street collects traffic from local streets in residential neighborhoods and channels it into the principal streets and highways.  Streets classified as collector in Winfield include: 5th AV, East 12th AV, West 14th AV, 19th AV, 33rd AV, Viking BLVD, Wheat RD, Mound ST, College ST, Cherry ST, Bliss ST, a portion of Quail Ridge DR, and Broadway ST south of 19th AV.

Residential streets are not cleared. In areas where shadows from trees or buildings are present, conditions for melting and re-freezing are often present.  Therefore snow, snow-pack and ice can remain on residential streets for days after principal streets are clear and dry. Residential streets that are partially or completed snow covered can be safely driven at appropriate speeds. Drivers should be alert for these areas.

For questions or concerns regarding Snow Removal call 620-221-5520 or email:
 Customer Service.