neighbors helping neighbors

Winfield Fire/EMS


Our vision is for Winfield Fire/EMS to be recognized as a role model, trend setter and an organization that:

  • WFDEMSLogoColorsets the standard for customer service
  • is a model of innovation & professionalism 
  • recognizes and embraces diversity
  • maintains strong ties and involvement with the community
  • is a leader in the provision of emergency service intervention
  • is family oriented & truly concerned about the needs of each member


Winfield Fire/EMS exists to provide the highest level of service, including fire, medical and other life safety services, to those who reside, work or travel through the city of Winfield. 

Core Values

We expect each member to know their job, know their equipment, be prepared, consider how the public would perceive your actions and appearance, and exceed expectations.

We expect each member to do their job and accept responsibility for their actions and their team – if you condone it, you own it.

Customer Service
We expect each member to treat the public the way we would like our families to be treated; treat our members as we would like to be treated; go above and beyond in every situation.

We expect each member to believe in the organization and act with integrity in a manner that is consistent with their words.

We expect each member to put the needs of the organization above the wants of the individual and exhibit leadership at all levels.

We expect each member to recognize the inherent risks of our profession and take all actions available to mitigate those risks.

We have a choice –