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About the Natural Gas Distribution

image001The City of Winfield's Natural Gas Utility is the largest publicly-owned and operated natural gas distribution system in the state of Kansas. The Utility services over 5,000 customers through a network of almost 100 miles of pipeline. Usage is near one billion cubic feet of gas, which includes fuel for electric generation during the summer months.

Winfield has the option of purchasing its gas supplies for current and future use from a variety of gas marketing firms that have an interconnect with the pipeline servicing the City. This allows us to shop around for better gas prices without compromising service. Administration purchases gas from suppliers for both short and long term contracts. By staying aware of market trends and changes, Winfield will continue to realize substantial savings in gas purchases, which in turn are passed along to our customers.

image002The Utility undertook a bare steel replacement program in the early '90s. Bare, unprotected gas lines rust and corrode just like any other steel pipe. These older lines are being replaced with polyethylene pipe (PE) which is a high grade plastic pipe designed specifically for natural gas. As sections of the mainlines are replaced, crews then replace the associated customer service lines. The service is renewed all the way to the house, at no cost to the customer. There are no renewal surcharges or fees assessed to our customers; the service is courtesy of the Gas Utility. 

For additional information on the Natural Gas Utility, please call 620-221-5600 or email: customerservice@winfieldks.org.

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